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The Panama Canal: One of the most important waterways in the world

The Panama Canal is about 82 kilometers long and cuts through the isthmus of the Central American country of Panama. More than 14,000 ships pass through it a year. The waterway connects the Atlantic to the Pacific and thus saves shipping the detour around Cape Horn at the southern tip of the continent. Among others, about 500 internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson are in use during the current expansion of the waterway.

The canal was opened in the year 1914 and is among the most important waterways of the world – when ships were much smaller than today. Previously, there was a ship size limit to pass through the Panama Canal, the so called Panamax dimensions, for container ships with up to 4,600 containers. In the future, however, larger container ships with up to 12,000 standard containers should also be able to use the canal. Since 2007, the lock facilities are being expanded while using the time-tested and proven internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson.

More than 500 IRFU57 internal vibrators with a hose length of 10 meters are in use and ensure for a uniform compaction of the concrete.Their long service life was an argument that convinced customers. The requirements of the canal operator for the project are correspondingly high. The Wacker Neuson equipment was chosen due to its sturdy and reliable operation and due to its high performance, even under harsh application conditions – similar to those found in this active earthquake region. The internal vibrators from Wacker Neuson are characterized by a very high speed stability, which is an especially important aspect in the compaction of rigid concrete. Annother advantage: the vibrators have a built-in frequency converter which is why they can be connected directly to the single-phase 120 volt standard supply. Additional external frequency converters are not required.

In 2014, the Panama Canal celebrated its100th birthday - and it will be there for many more years to come.