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BS50-2, BS60-2, BS70-2 - Two-stroke rammers: only from Wacker Neuson

BS50-2, BS60-2, BS70-2
Vibratory Rammer BS60-2
Vibratory Rammer BS50-2
Vibratory Rammer BS50-2
BS50-2, BS60-2, BS70-2-thumb
Vibratory Rammer BS60-2
Vibratory Rammer BS50-2
Vibratory Rammer BS50-2
Two-stroke rammers from Wacker Neuson have set standards in the construction industry for a long time. They are developed for maximum productivity, performance and durability. The new generation is now even more powerful. The two-stroke rammers are driven by the WM 80 engine, which has been especially developed by Wacker Neuson. Thanks to its catalytic converter, emissions are clearly below all exhaust standard limits. In addition, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of idling, therefore saving additional fuel and emissions.
  • High performance: High ramming frequency, strong stroke, high impact energy, fast advance travel
  • Low hand-arm vibrations thanks to a special spring-loaded guide handle
  • Typical for two-stroke: fully functional in any slanting position
  • Slim design for compaction jobs in narrow trenches
  • Low center of gravity for strong propulsion. The high stability prevents tilting and facilitates the operation of the rammer.

Cumulative emissions in g / kWh
Allowed maximum values for two-stroke engines (72 / 603) vs. Wacker Neuson 2-stroke engine WM80

Emission values of gasoline rammers

  • Lowest emissions by standard installed catalyst
  • Protects operators and the environment - all current and future CO limit values are clearly undercut

Emissions according to EU Directive 2011/88 EC


Engine from our own development

  • High and immediate power through pump on the carburetor
  • Specifically designed for use in soil compaction


Operating hours counter

  • For compliance with maintenance intervals
  • Installed in all models as standard

1/min (rotation) / Operating hours

Innovative air filter system

  • Operate three times longer in the optimum speed range than without compensation
  • Three times longer service intervals

Not compensated
Extension of the service-intervall

Comfortable transport

  • Large and flexible transport lug
  • Easy loading and stowing by transport rollers on the handle


Comfortable operation with auto-choke

  • Only one lever for idling, starting and stopping
Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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