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803 Dimensions

  • A*
    89.08 in
  • A
    56.22 in
  • B
    Width Superstructure
    28.76 in
  • B
    Width Running gear width retracted
    27.58 in
  • B
    Width Running gear width extended
    33.88 in
  • C
    Transport length (arm lowered)
    111.42 in
  • D
    Digging depth max.
    69.46 in
  • E
    Insertion depth Max.
    52.01 in
  • F
    Insertion height Max.
    112.8 in
  • G
    Dump height max.
    79.27 in
  • H
    Digging radius max.
    121.75 in
  • I
    Range Max. reach on the ground
    119.3 in
  • J
    Rear swivel radius
    29.43 in
  • K
    Arm displacement Max. (from centre bucket right side)
    9.65 in
  • K
    Arm displacement Max. (from centre bucket left side)
    11.15 in
  • L
    Lift height (bulldozer blade above plane)
    7.76 in
  • M
    Scraping depth (bulldozer blade above plane)
    6.86 in
  • N
    Length Running gear
    48.07 in
  • O
    Turning angle Max. (arm system to right)
    56 °
  • P
    Turning angle Max. (arm system to left)
    55 °
  • Q
    Chain width
    7.09 in
  • R
    Boom slewing radius
    42.75 in

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