Cut-off saw BTS635 in use on construction site

Gasoline Cut-off Saw BTS635s: Superior performance with every cut

The BTS635s gasoline cut-off saw is the ideal tool on the construction site. Thanks to the high-quality fabrication of the components, it is sturdy and has an extremely long service life. The well-balanced machine design is easy to handle and can be intuitively operated. The air-cooled 2-stroke engine has a powerful torque with reliable power transmission and provides first-class cutting performance.

Illustration Wacker Neuson 3-stage air filter system

3-stage air filter system (cyclone, prefilter and main filter)

  • Highly efficient filter system with the longest maintenance intervals on the market. Keeps downtime to a minimum.
  • With very low pressure loss, high engine output remains constant.
Cut-off saw BTS635 studio image from side

Sturdy design

  • Its durable and sturdy design keeps wear low. In addition, productivity is increased due to minimized downtime.
  • The machine offers a high level of reliability in tough everyday work on the construction site.
Cutt-off saw with guide cart

Guide cart

  • The cut-off saw can be clamped quickly and without tools in the guide cart. The gas adjustment is located directly on the height-adjustable handle grip of the guide cart.
  • A water tank (16 l) is integrated in the guide cart. This means wet cutting can be carried out quickly and with no effort.
  • The guide cart is equipped with large wheels made of special low-wear rubber. The wheels move particularly freely due to ball bearings.
Cut-off saw BTS635 soft-start

Soft start

  • The soft start makes easy starting possible with few movements, lower pulling speed and less physical effort. This means the equipment is always ready for the job.

WeCare warranty

With WeCare you will receive up to 36 months warranty on all Wacker Neuson machines* in Germany - not at a premium. Find out about all the benefits, familiarize yourself with the upgrades to WeCare Plus and WeCare Premium, and get in contact with us.

* except internal and external vibrators.

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More Features

Cutt-off saw on the jobsite

Well-balanced handles

  • An optimum distance between the handles provides a well-balanced center of gravity for the machine and thus good balance when working.
Cutt-off saw with quick-connect coupling

Rapid action couplings for water hoses (Gardena model)

  • For water sprinkling, any standard hose can be connected. No additional tools are needed.
Cut-off saw BTS635 in use on construction site

High-torque engine

  • The engine has a powerful torque, thus offering a high level of cutting performance for productive working.

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