Drum roller RC50

Drum roller RC50: Powerful compaction on any terrain

Perfect view in all directions makes work with the Wacker Neuson single drum soil compactors safe and comfortable. Because of the compact design, the operator always has the working area and the drums in view from his seat. With a large departure angle and outstanding gradeability, it is easy to maneuver even on uneven terrain. The simple operation via an intuitively-designed display and joystick also make working easier and ensure that the operator is familiar with the machine in no time.

Tandem roller RD24 studio image focus operator's cab

Ergonomic work platform

  • The ergonomic work platform is designed for reduced vibration. The low vibration, easy access and operability of all control elements increase working comfort, operator satisfaction and operator health. This ensures a higher level of efficiency.
Illustration Display Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson tandem rollers and single drum soil compactors

Uniform operating concept

  • All RD and RC rollers have the same simple operating concept. This offers advantages for rental customers, as long instruction and incorporation into work are not necessary and the machine can be used immediately and efficiently.
  • There is a lower risk of collisions and damage because the operator can quickly get everything under control.
Illustration line-of-sight Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson tandem rollers

Large line-of-sight, compact construction

  • The compact design provides an excellent view of the drums. This makes maneuvering and approaching walls and obstacles easier. This means less damage and a high quality result.
  • The operator has excellent 360° visibility. Fewer mirrors and no rear-view camera are required. In addition, the risk of accident is reduced.

WeCare warranty

With WeCare you will receive up to 36 months warranty on all Wacker Neuson machines* in Germany - not at a premium. Find out about all the benefits, familiarize yourself with the upgrades to WeCare Plus and WeCare Premium, and get in contact with us.

* except internal and external vibrators.

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More Features

Tandem roller RD18 studio image front and side

Compact design

  • The compact design allows a high level of maneuverability in tight space, resulting in faster work.
Illustration Display Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson tandem rollers and single drum soil compactors

Clearly arranged, intuitive operator panel

  • The operator panel has a voice-neutral, purely graphical interface. This visually attractive display makes operation easy and intuitive. This allows the operator to find his way around very quickly.
  • The operating displays of the machine are integrated in the operator panel. Due to this, the operator has all machine functions in view at all times.
Illustration Wacker Neuson single drum soil compactors at gradient

Wheel engines

  • The drive system with wheel motors eliminates the need for an axle as the connection between wheels. A low center of gravity results with a simultaneously large ground clearance. This offers excellent driving performance even on rough terrain.
Illustration Three-point articulated pendulum joint Wacker Neuson single drum soil compactors

Three-point articulated pendulum joint

  • The three-point articulated pendulum joint results in an even distribution of the weight on the front and rear drums/tires. This allows an even, high-quality compaction result.
  • The even distribution of the weight on the front and rear drums/tires offers a high level of tipping safety as well as stability on turns. This increases safety.
  • The even weight distribution reduces tire wear, saving spare parts costs.
Illustration Wacker Neuson single drum soil compactors at gradient

Hydraulic traction control

  • The hydraulic traction control (Automatic Slip Control) ensures that the wheels do not spin. This means the roller achieves excellent gradeability and high mobility, even on rough terrain.
  • The hydraulic traction control increases operator safety, as the roller does not slip as quickly on slopes.

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