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WL54 - Convincing on every construction site

WL54 studio image
WL54 studio image
The powerful wheel loader WL54 convinces with high economic efficiency and power on the construction site. It maneuvers quickly and in a time-saving manner with a first-class work performance. The WL54 achieves this through its large lifting and biting forces, a high stability as well as the up to 100% connectable differential lock. And all of this at a convincing price-performance ratio.
  • 1.0 m³ bucket capacity at 1.3t/m³ bulk material density
  • Powerful hydraulics with many options, such as the high flow option for various attachments
  • Open service access to hydraulics, engine and air cleaner – shortens the maintenance and therefore also downtimes
  • The tremendous reach of the load arm allows for central accumulation, even with a high loading sill

The articulated pendulum joint

The guarantee for the best possible stability and maneuverability. Due to the joint, all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine is therefore uniquely maneuverable. It is therefore possible to turn curves at an angle of up to 45° degrees.

Differential lock

The 100% connectable differential lock reliability engages in order to work reliably on difficult terrain. The result: maximum shear forces with excellent ground grip. The lock is not enabled during normal driving operation. This protects the tires from unnecessarywear and also protects the ground being driven on.

Inch brake pedal

  • Full power for the hydraulics and at the same time reducing the travel speed: To do this, you only need one pedal with the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders.
  • You can regulate both mechanical as well as hydraulic braking ("inching") via the brake-inch pedal.
  • The advantages are obvious: less wearof the service brake and optimal power distribution of the engine output.
No pressure on
inch brake pedal:

full power for the drive system
Lightly depressed
inch brake pedal:

Speed is
reduced, more force in
the work hydraulics
Strongly depressed
inch brake pedal:

The speed is reduced
further, even more force
into the work hydraulics
Fully depressed
inch brake pedal:

The wheel loader stands still, full force into the work hydraulics

Two lift cylinders

  • for even more stability of the loading system
  • the hydraulic power is optimally distributedto the load arm

Choose your driver's cabin

  • All three driver's cabins of the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders are perfectly designed for the requirements of everyday construction site life and meet high safety standards
  • ROPS-protection (roll-over protective structure)
  • FOPS-protection (falling object protective structure)
  • An operator's canopy and cabin versions are available for the WL54

Comfort cabin (1-door)

  • Ergonomic working area: Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged combination instruments, comfortable air-sprung driver’s seat and an adjustable joystick console
  • Large glass window on all sides for an optimal overview of the working area
  • The cabin door can be opened 180°


Open service access to hydraulics, engine and air cleaner: You only need a few steps due to the easy-to-open service and maintenance covers. The quick maintenance shortens the time of standstills and you therefore save money.

Interior of cabin Maintenance accesses to the interior of the cabin Easy to open engine hood Service flap on the outside of the comfort cabin

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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