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Dirt bucket with cutting blade Model variations

  • for WL 20, WL20e  
    for WL 20, WL20e
    width: 1150 mm, volume: 0.2 m³, weight: 145 kg
  • für WL20, WL20e  
    für WL20, WL20e
    width: 1250 mm, volume: 0.27 m³, weight: 165 kg
  • for WL20, WL20e, WL25  
    for WL20, WL20e, WL25
    width: 1250 mm, volume: 0.35 m³, weight: 175 kg
  • for WL25, WL32  
    for WL25, WL32
    width: 1400 mm, volume: 0.45 m³, weight: 245 kg
  • for WL32, WL34, WL38  
    for WL32, WL34, WL38
    width: 1650 mm, volume: 0.6 m³, weight: 300 kg
  • for WL44, WL52  
    for WL44, WL52
    width: 1900 mm, volume: 0.8 m³, weight: 409 kg
  • for WL44, WL52  
    for WL44, WL52
    width: 2000 mm, volume: 0.9 m³, weight: 430 kg
  • for WL54, WL60, WL70  
    for WL54, WL60, WL70
    width: 1900 mm, volume: 1.0 m³, weight: 503 kg
  • for WL54, WL60, WL70  
    for WL54, WL60, WL70
    width: 2000 mm, volume: 1.1 m³, weight: 527 kg
  • for WL54, WL60, WL70  
    for WL54, WL60, WL70
    width: 2200 mm, volume: 1.22 m³, weight: 567 kg