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Emission-free use in clinic construction work in Lombardy

The zero-emission solutions from Wacker Neuson lend support to the renovation work in the Ospedale San Gerardo Clinic in Monza, Italy.

Environmental and operator protection as if from a picture book. The contractor Easy Service sas relies on the zero emission solutions of Wacker Neuson for extensive remediation work inside the hospital Ospedale San Gerardo Clinic in Monza.

Easy Service sas is an ISO 9001 certified company headquartered in Monza that has specialized in building remediation and renovation work in particularly demanding environments. For extensive renovation measures inside the building of the hospital of San Gerardo, Easy Service sas acquired two 803 dual power mini-excavators with an HPU8 electro-hydraulic power unit through Koma Service, the local Wacker Neuson dealer headquartered in Turate, in the province of Como. In the meantime, a WL20e electric wheel loader and DT10e dumper are also being used.

"That special operating conditions would prevail in a noise and exhaust sensitive environment such as a fully running hospital is something we knew," said Daniele Piras, Managing Director of Easy Service sas. "None of the machines offered us by other manufacturers could satisfy the requirements of hospital management in terms of protection against emissions, both in terms of exhaust fumes and noise, because neither exhaust fumes nor fossil fuels such as diesel were permitted to reach the interior of the hospital. We were therefore delighted when the construction equipment dealers Koma Service presented Wacker Neuson's zero emissions solutions to us at a trade show." With success: The construction site was recently awarded the "Cantiere di qualità", which recognizes satisfaction of the highest quality standards. 

During the remediation work in the hospital building, where walls and floors on each floor need renovation, the emission-free machines from Wacker Neuson perform an outstanding job. The mini-excavator 803 dual power can fully exploit its strengths here. With the dual power option, the external electro-hydraulic power unit HPU8 can be connected to the excavator – in addition to the standard diesel engine. The power unit allows the excavator to be operated electrically and completely emission-free. This option makes it the ideal tool for use in confined spaces. However, in terms of performance power, companies need concede nothing to the conventional diesel drive. The slim design of the machine, for which even narrow door openings are no problem, offers a great advantage when working inside buildings. The dimensions of the HPU8 generator are exactly matched to the excavator. 

"It was high time for environmentally friendly technologies such as these," adds Piras. "The availability of zero emission has created a new era of work that fully satisfies the requirements for environmental and operator protection, without sacrificing performance." At present, the Wacker Neuson DT10e track dumper with electric drive is also being tested on the construction site in Monza; with a payload of 1,000 kilograms, it is ideally suited for indoor demolition work. Daniele Piras: "We are already thrilled with its job performance and long battery life. As the other products in the zero-emission series, the DT10e track dumper fits perfectly into our service spectrum with which we have qualified ourselves for work in demanding environments."

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