EquipCare Pro. The innovative construction software.

With the construction software EquipCare Pro by Wacker Neuson, you can digitalize your construction site. It makes possible managing not only machines, but also other equipment such as, for example, site fences. Even your employees’ assignations can be very easily planned in the construction software.

In addition, it works regardless of manufacturer. That is, you can manage the machine data of all manufacturers and brands in one central location and, this way, you always have an overview of your entire fleet.

You see: with EquipCare Pro, you have all processes and machines at a glance. No matter whether you’re in the office, on the construction site, in the warehouse or away.



Machine and equipment management

With EquipCare Pro, you can manage your entire construction site. From the machine to the car to the site fence. The construction software offers the following functions:

  • Storage and classification of important documents such as, for example, operator’s manuals for the machines or equipment
  • Traceable history of all machines, equipment and bulk materials
  • Intelligent search function to find machine information quickly
  • Clear list and map views

Telematics and live information

Want to know where your machines are being used right now? Every kind of question about the locations of machines and equipment can be answered with the telematics function in our construction software EquipCare Pro:

  • Live data (location, operating hours and more) of all your equipment in a central location
  • Integration of already installed telematics units and retrofitted telematics
  • Clear map views
  • Set a geofence and get automatic notifications whenever this is exited

Digital scheduling and application planning

In our construction software, you can schedule your entire fleet and personnel for projects, construction sites or warehouses and send transport orders

  • Creation and management of construction projects, warehouses and employees
  • Assignment of responsible parties, project addresses and cost centers
  • Overview of availability of equipment and personnel
  • History of scheduling and projects
  • Clear list and map views
  • Disposition of transport orders such as equipment, bulk goods, material and containers

Maintenance and inspection management

Are you often faced with the challenge of having to coordinate a great variety of maintenance services and inspections? Here, too, the practical functions in our construction software will help you:

  • Storage of different deadlines
  • Overview of all maintenance and inspections due, for example DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) or HU (General Inspection)
  • Automatic reminders
Customer holding smartphone with construction software EquipCare Pro in the camera.


Automated reports on projects or machines help you make data-based decisions on future projects.

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