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Wacker Neuson attachments

The tasks of your maschine are diverse - attachments from Wacker Neuson are versatile. Thanks to our extensive range of attachments you can make your Wacker Neuson machine multifunctional and perfectly prepared for future tasks.
The change of the attachment works hydraulic and can conveniently be done from the driver seat in many cases - without getting out off the machine.

You need some attachements rather rarely and an acquisition is not worthwhile for you? We also rent!
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Attachment Tools for Telehandlers

Numerous attachment tools expand the range of applications for Telehandlers remarkably. Buckets and pallet forks in various equipment variations and many more.

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Attachment Tools for Loaders

The numerous attachment tools make wheel loaders versatile all-rounders for many applications. Buckets and pallet forks in various equipment variations, snow removal equipment, sweeping brooms and many more.

All Attachment Tools for Loaders in detail »

Attachment Tools for Excavators

Attachment tools for excavators enable versatile operations and enhance the benefits of the equipment.

All Attachment Tools in detail »

Attachments – Excavators and wheel loaders become multifunctional

Excavators and wheel loaders are indispensable construction site equipment. With the right attachment, you get even more performance out of these vehicles. For with a couple of hand movements, the excavator becomes a demolition machine or a wheel loader becomes a snowplowing vehicle. 

Over 50 attachments for wheel loaders 

If you want to enhance the versatility of the maneuverable wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson, we offer you over 50 different attachments for this vehicle class. With the light materials bucket, you can easily transport lightweight bulk material, while the digging bucket helps you with excavation. With the right stone bucket, transporting stones is just as easy as clearing snow with the snow blower or snowplow. Stacking pallets? Not a problem with the mounted pallet fork! Mulching small fields? Your wheel loader can do this in no time with the mounted mulcher! And all of this can be done with just one wheel loader and the right attachments from Wacker Neuson. 

At Wacker Neuson, you also get attachments for excavators. Outfitted with a demolition breaker, your construction site equipment thus becomes a demolition assistant while the bucket makes excavation possible in a very restricted area. 

Simple tool changing for efficient work

In order to optimize your sequence of operations, we have designed our attachments for a quick tool change. Many attachments can therefore even be replaced without the operator having to get out of the vehicle specifically for this purpose. Simply set down the unit and pick up a new one. And you can start transporting bulk material with your wheel loader straight away and then stack pallets immediately afterwards.

We have optimally coordinated our attachments to wheel loaders and excavator from Wacker Neuson. In this way, we can guarantee optimal compatibility and maximum functionality. Because you should always be able to rely on your attachments! 

Top quality for a long service life

As with all of our construction machines, we guarantee a particularly long service life with attachments as well. We achieve this through careful production while considering the highest standards for material and processing. 

Do you want your wheel loader to be more than just a wheel loader and your excavator to do more than just excavate? Then get the best out of your construction machines with attachments from Wacker Neuson!