Quick and professional repair and maintenance of your construction machines and construction equipment.

Need a repair in a hurry? Does your construction machine need maintenance? You are exactly in the right place with us. We will maintain your construction machines and construction equipment regularly and be at your side quickly in urgent cases. Either in our numerous branches or, if required, directly on site on your construction site.

Your advantages: 

  • Consistently high quality: our service technicians undergo first-class training and qualification in the Wacker Neuson Academy.
  • Special work professionally carried out: save on your own technicians or special tools for special work.
  • Costs under control: you decide whether a full repair or one oriented to the current value of the equipment should be performed.
  • Original spare parts: your machine will last you a long time, as we exclusively use original spare parts.
Wacker Neuson employee sits in front of laptop and advises customers on the phone about our WeCare packages.


Choose one of our WeCare packages and you always have an overview of costs. With our Basic, Basic Plus or Premium packages, there are no surprises. You know exactly what costs you are facing and that maintenance is in the hands of experts. 
Tip: if you purchase a Wacker Neuson product using our financial solutions, you can also finance the monthly service installment directly and with full convenience. 

Wacker Neuson employee standing in front of Wacker Neuson service vehicle while on the phone advising customers about the Wacker Neuson Collection and return service.

Collection and return service

A call to a Wacker Neuson location in your area is enough to have our practical collection and return service organize the proper transport of your machine. We get your machine back into shape at our branch and then bring it directly to the next job site. You can choose the return transport destination depending on your requirements.

Wacker Neuson employee exiting Wacker Neuson service vehicle.

Mobile service

Our mobile service technicians come without ifs, ands or buts. If you can’t bring a machine to our workshop, our technician will come to you. Our employees have with them all the tools and a variety of spare parts necessary for a quick repair. Thus, even minor damages in particular do not result in long downtimes.

zero emission vibratory plate in action in landscaping after the electric machine got repaired by Wacker Neuson.

Electric machine repair

No electrician of your own on your team? No problem. We offer professional maintenance and repair of electric-powered equipment and machines. You and your employees will always be on the safe side with Wacker Neuson.

Construction worker with Wacker Neuson pump and generator in application on the construction site.

Pump repair

Maintenance and repair of pumps require special expertise. With us, you can have your pumps properly maintained and repaired. You can even get the prescribed underwater tests at many Wacker Neuson branches. This way, your pumps are always ready to use when you need them.

Wacker Neuson employee checking a Wacker Neuson tracked excavator with a customer.

Machine checks

Regularly carried out machine checks ensure the trouble-free function of your Wacker Neuson product. You can get these kinds of checks free at our service locations. Just bring your equipment over. We’re happy to also organize transport with our collection and return service.

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