Electric telehandlers: Flying high with electric

Electric telehandlers not only provide the tried and tested functionality of conventional telehandlers, but also the environmental-friendliness and efficiency of the electric drive system. Their quiet operational noise minimizes disruption to sensitive environments, enabling their use in urban areas. Our electric telehandlers are characterized by their intuitive operational elements, ergonomic design, and versatile attachments. They are also not inferior to their conventional counterparts in terms of performance.


WeCare warranty

With WeCare you will receive up to 36 months warranty on all Wacker Neuson machines* in Germany - not at a premium. Find out about all the benefits, familiarize yourself with the upgrades to WeCare Plus and WeCare Premium, and get in contact with us.

* except internal and external vibrators.

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Brochure Telehandlers Stacking height up to 6 meters