250 Volt

Stationary frequency converters 250 Volt

Stationary frequency converters 250 Volt: Perfectly tailored for individual requirements

The stationary frequency converters of the FUE-M series are perfect for individual requests of our clients. The control components of these electronic frequency converters are quickly and easily adjusted to the varying requirements of even the most diverse production requirements and forms. That has many advantages: for instance in economic terms or in relation to user-friendliness.

Illustration Wacker Neuson running time unlimited

Completely maintenance-free

  • The machine is fully maintenance-free and thus particularly economical.

WeCare warranty

With WeCare you will receive up to 36 months warranty on all Wacker Neuson machines* in Germany - not at a premium. Find out about all the benefits, familiarize yourself with the upgrades to WeCare Plus and WeCare Premium, and get in contact with us.

* except internal and external vibrators.

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More Features

Stationary frequency converters 250 Volt

Secure protection

  • Maximum protection against short-circuits and earth faults as well as over-current and overloading.

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